Introducing The Brand New DX15 2.0
With 30% More Kitchen Equipments, Guaranteed to pass all inspections
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Introducing The Best Food Truck On The Market
The DX15 & DX20 by SD Food Truck Builders, Custom Food Truck Builder
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All DX15's & DX20's Are NFS/ETLS Certified
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Custom Food Truck Builder Company

Introducing The Best
Food Truck On The

The DX15 & DX20 by SD Food Truck Builders,

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We are a Custom Food Truck
Builder/Repair Shop located
in San Diego California

Our Truck Models
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We Got You Covered!!!
Time Of The Essence

you will not have to wait 2 months for your truck to be built SD Food Truck Builders is in constant production of our DX15


All Trucks Come With Standard NSF Equipment


We Can Also Switch Out Any Equipment
For No Additional Charge

We Offer In House Financing For Your Convenience


Come With A 1 Year Nationwide Bumper To Bumper Warranty & 2 Year Warranty On The Kitchen

See The New Custom Food Truck, The DX15 2.0

our truck model DX15 is unlike any other this is a real nsf kitchen with all the amenities and the convenience of being mobile.


Start Building Your Dream

Food Truck Now!

turn your delicious ideas into mobile eateries with our expertise



turn your delicious ideas into mobile eateries with our expertise

As food truck builders, we provide comprehensive services to bring your mobile food unit to life. Whether you need a truck, trailer, or cart, we have the expertise to build a customized solution that meets your requirements.

On average, it takes approximately two months to build a food truck. However, the exact timeline may vary depending on the project’s complexity, customization needs, and any specific requirements or regulations that must be addressed.

Absolutely! We understand that navigating the licensing and regulatory requirements can be overwhelming. Our experienced team will assist you throughout the process, ensuring your food truck meets all the necessary licensing and regulatory standards.

Yes, we can assist you in sourcing high-quality kitchen equipment for your food truck. We have established relationships with trusted suppliers, allowing us to provide recommendations and options that meet your specific needs and budget.

Yes, financing can be crucial to starting a food truck business. We work with reputable financing partners specializing in food truck construction, and we can help connect you with them to explore financing options that suit your situation.

SD Food Truck Builders’s we are dedicated to making your food truck dreams a reality. Our comprehensive services, streamlined process, and commitment to excellence ensure your food truck is built to the highest standards, meets all regulations, and sets you up for success in the mobile culinary industry.

Contact us today to discuss your project and begin the exciting journey of bringing your food truck vision to life.

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Food Truck Financing

SD Food Truck Builders offers in house food truck financing. we can finance anyone no matter their credit score.

please fill out the application and one of our sale reps will give you a call shortly.

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