Catering Truck Manufacturers in California

Catering Truck Manufacturers in California

Being mobile, adaptable, and innovative is essential in the ever-evolving culinary world. Thus, opting for a catering truck or a mobile kitchen can make any corner of the city your new restaurant spot. A catering truck is a moving feast, a venue on wheels that brings the gourmet experience to your customer's doorstep.
This mobile food solution is ideal for those in the food service industry, from seasoned restaurateurs looking to expand their presence to event caterers wishing to add flexibility to their services to budding chefs ready to embark on their culinary venture.

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If you are looking for the highest quality Custom Food Truck Manufacturer, you have come to the right place. We are the premier catering truck manufacturers in California. In addition, we manufacture Concession Trailers, Mobile Kitchens, Catering Trucks, Institutional Food Service Trailers, and other Mobile Businesses that comply with all federal and state regulations.
SD Food Truck Builders specializes in all of your mobile food facility requirements. Our work is done per the CALIFORNIA HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE. Whether you require a small hot dog cart or a custom state-of-the-art food truck, rest assured that all of our work is guaranteed and backed by factory warranties. We also meet your local health codes here at California Cart Builder! Manufacturer certified by the state of California. America's leading food truck and food trailer manufacturer!

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Custom Food Trucks Manufacturer

As a leading custom food truck manufacturer, SD Food Truck Builders doesn't just build trucks; we build dreams. Every food business is unique, so we provide customized solutions tailored to your needs. We transform a simple truck into a moving restaurant with cooking appliances, storage, and custom features that cater to your culinary operations.
While food trailers have some advantages, catering trucks offer the additional flexibility of being self-contained, requiring less setup time, and being able to reach a wider range of locations. SD Food Truck Builders design our food trucks to give you the freedom and flexibility to succeed on your terms without the high overhead costs of a traditional restaurant.

Our procedure is straightforward: we begin with a consultation to determine your specific needs and objectives. Then, we collaborate with you to create a unique food truck that reflects your brand and vision. We then handle everything from sourcing to completion, allowing you to focus on what you do best: creating delicious food and growing your business.

Our truck models include:

About to Wet Your Foot? We Are Here to Help!

SD Food Truck Builder also manufactures custom Food Trucks for sale and Custom Food Trailers for sale to accommodate smaller businesses that understand the importance of having a dependable Custom food truck. Because it is true that if your unit or equipment fails, you cannot make any money, lose customers, and eventually prove to be undependable to your most important clients.

Smaller mobile catering companies must demonstrate that they can compete with the big dogs while satisfying local customers. We tailor our builds to each client’s unique needs and budget, providing the nation with high-quality trucks and trailers custom-made in the United States.

We Are Pioneers of the Food Truck Movement.

We started the Food Truck craze by assisting people in creating their food businesses by going mobile. It has since become ingrained in American society and around the world. We have years of experience building custom Food Trucks and Food Trailers for sale.

As a Food Truck Manufacturer, we specialize in customizing your choice’s food truck/trailer and working with your local health department to ensure you are permitted.

Safety & Durability is Our Responsibility

After all, your life, and often the lives of your friends and family members, are at stake in these units. That is why SD Food Truck Builder “scrimps” on your team. Because we are concerned, It’s an investment that should last you many trouble-free years.

We don’t want our customers to buy a cheap problem that will only cost them more in the long run.

We Stand For Innovation

Our forte is innovating. We have created some of the most one-of-a-kind units in the world. Manufacturing specially designed Concession Trailers that were hoisted onto a building’s roof. We were the first to add Real Log siding, as well as external televisions, a PA system, and sound systems, and we are currently building a Double Decker bus with an overhead dining area.

We’ve even built a Concession Trailer in the shape of Paul Bunyan’s lunch box. We can design your food truck and concession trailer to address various locations, vehicles, uniqueness, and climate issues.

Catering Truck Manufacturer in California: Your Partner in Success

Partner with us, California’s top catering truck manufacturer, and drive your business toward success. SD Food Truck Builders is committed to providing top-notch quality, innovative designs, and exceptional customer service.

We’re not just building your catering truck; we’re building the foundation of your success.

SD Food Truck Builder Difference

With the growing popularity of food trucks, many new businesses have sprung up, all proclaiming their expertise and quality. We’ve seen many people come and go. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for those just starting to determine what constitutes quality; after all, everything appears so gleaming.

Pick a movie, roll the credits, and 9 times out of 10, the food truck will be built by SD Food Truck Builder.

Find a sagging truck on a street corner with pools of water gathering underneath and grease-laden stains on the once-shiny wrap, and it’s either an old route truck with a snazzy decal or a recently manufactured unit with subpar materials and construction.

How long have they been in operation? Do they guarantee approval or permitting? How do they deal with warranties? What materials are used for the walls, floors, ceilings, shelving, and so on? Ask as many questions as you can. Food trucks, trailers, carts, and kiosks are all viable business investments, and you would be wise, to begin with the former.

SD Food Truck guarantees that the health department has approved each functional unit we manufacture. We can manufacture our appliances, refrigeration, sinks, and so on, all with internationally recognized ANSI accreditation.

We’ve been around for nearly four decades before the average consumer considered eating gourmet food from a truck. Our clients range from emerging startups to Fortune 100 corporations and government agencies.

West Coast Catering Trucks: Your Business On Wheels

With West Coast Catering Trucks, your business gains unparalleled mobility and flexibility. You can tap into new markets, cater to large events, and provide a unique dining experience.

SD Food Truck Builders bring your culinary visions to life.

Best Reasons To Consider Us


SD Food Truck has celebrated each anniversary with innovations in catering truck design, function, and efficiency, owing to its unrivaled experience in the mobile food, catering truck, trailer, and hot dog cart manufacturing industries.


No better-built mobile food trucks, catering trucks, concession trailers, or hot dog carts are available anywhere. Where others use galvanized steel beneath superficial paneling, we use food-grade uni-body stainless steel construction for all cabinets, counters, and working surfaces.

We reinforce the framings of our trucks, trailers, carts, and kiosks, use the highest-grade materials, and custom-build every kitchen, coach, and trailer from the ground up.

Quality Built Mobile Kitchens

We don’t cut corners; all our products are manufactured with high-quality parts and materials built to last. Our food trucks and trailers are constructed using stainless steel and aluminum. Unlike other builders, we do not use any wood to build an Apollo kitchen.


We provide a wide range of fully customized food trucks to meet our customers’ needs. We are confident that, with our expert team and extensive resources, we can deliver a food truck that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals, regardless of the size of your operation.


As a food truck manufacturer, we understand that each customer has specific requirements for their mobile food business. As a result, we provide custom-tailored solutions for their food truck builds. Our approach enables us to collaborate closely with each customer to develop a customized build solution that meets their needs.

We provide faster turnaround times and a consistent brand image for our customers’ food trucks by offering in-house vehicle wrapping and printing. For a hassle-free experience, we offer competitive pricing and quick response times.
Our Guarantee

We are highly trained professionals who take pride and joy in creating food trucks for the global market. Each car is handcrafted with the highest quality materials and with the highest level of craftsmanship.

Our expert team will construct your food truck to your exact specifications, and we can even recreate your existing kitchen line from a current restaurant or food truck.


In less than two months, you can launch your mobile business! Our food trucks are built in-house using professional, high-quality machines and an optimized manufacturing process. This means you’ll have your food truck within 4 to 6 weeks.

We are a one-stop shop that can assist you with sourcing your vehicle, designing your wrap, obtaining all necessary permits, and everything else required to get started and save time.


California food truck licensing laws require that all the equipment in your food truck be certified by the American National Standards Institute; we use only equipment approved by the National Sanitation Foundation, known as NSF. We will provide the HCD manufactured and mobile home insignia approval.


Several issues will help you decide whether to buy a food truck or a concession trailer. One big difference is size. Food trucks max out at 30 feet in length, whereas concession trailers can go to a maximum DOT length of 53 feet. Catering trailers can also be set up double or triple-wide for large service areas.

We manufacture food trucks and concession trailers with extra height for overall comfort and storage capacity and create a cook line optimum for fast service.

Owning a catering truck offers the advantage of mobility, allowing you to reach more customers in different locations. It also requires less investment than a traditional restaurant and provides a unique, up-close interaction with your customers.

SD Food Truck Builders, we provide a comprehensive range of services, including designing, consulting, and refurbishing. We also guide our clients through the complex landscape of permits and health regulations.

Our catering trucks are highly customizable. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and incorporate equipment and design elements to match their brand and business operations.

You will not have to wait two months to construct your truck. S&J FABRICATION IS CONSTANTLY MAKING OUR DX15.

The time to build a custom catering truck can vary based on the project’s complexity. On average, it can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks.

When deciding between a catering truck and a food trailer, consider your budget, desired mobility, available parking and storage, and the kitchen space you need. Catering trucks generally provide more mobility and require less setup time.

In California’s bustling food scene, owning a catering truck allows you to stand out with a unique, personalized dining experience. It also allows you to serve at various locations, festivals, and private events and even cater to late-night crowds.

Yes, all our catering trucks are built to comply with local and state health and safety regulations. We ensure that your mobile kitchen meets all the requirements for a hassle-free operation.

Ready to take the first step towards your successful mobile food business? Contact us at SD Food Truck Builders today, and let’s start creating your dream catering truck!