Food Cart Manufacturers - California, US

Food Cart Manufacturers - California, US

Are you a food entrepreneur with a desire to tap into new markets? Do you have an innovative food concept you want to take directly to food lovers? Welcome to SD Food Truck Builders, your trusted food cart manufacturer. Food carts offer the advantage of mobility, lower startup costs, and the ability to engage with customers directly.

Whether you are an independent vendor, a small restaurant owner looking to expand, or a franchise, food carts can be a game-changer for your business. We are a company located in San Diego, California, dedicated to manufacturing Food Trucks, carts, and trailers. We build from catering trucks to small pushcarts.

Wine Tasting Truck

Our cars and trucks are designed to be reliable, fuel-efficient, and stylish. We have something for everyone, from small cars to SUVs. We’re here to help you find the perfect car or truck for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our financing options and to take a test drive.


Who Needs a Food Cart?

Food carts are perfect for anyone who wants to start a mobile food business. They’re ideal for entrepreneurs who wish to take their restaurants on the road, catering companies who want to expand their services, and foodies who want to share their culinary creations with the world.

Food carts are also great for events, festivals, and other outdoor gatherings, providing attendees with a convenient and delicious food option.

Difference Between Food Truck & Food Cart

While food trucks and food carts are mobile food businesses, the two have some key differences. Food trucks are larger and more expensive than food carts, requiring a commercial driver’s license.

Food trucks also require more space to park and operate, making them less flexible than food carts. On the other hand, food carts are smaller and more affordable than food trucks, and anyone with a driver’s license can operate them. Food carts are also more versatile than food trucks, as they can be easily moved and set up in various locations.

SD Food Truck Builders have the quick-serve vending food carts you’ve been looking for, from a grab-a-bag mobile kiosk cart to a high-volume food service cart for your school, bakery, coffee shop, or hotel lobby.

Our premium carts and kiosks are also available with advanced technology and ceramic glass merchandisers. Our mobile food carts brochure contains more information.

How Can a Food Cart Benefit Your Business?

A food cart can benefit your business in numerous ways. First and foremost, it allows you to take your restaurant on the road, expanding your customer base and increasing your revenue. A food cart is also a great way to test out new menu items and concepts without the expense of opening a new restaurant.

Additionally, a food cart is a low-risk way to start a mobile food business, requiring less investment than a food truck.

Food Cart Manufacturer California – Catering to the State's Dynamic Food Scene

California is a hub for mobile food businesses, with food carts and trucks roaming all over the state. The demand for mobile food businesses in California is high, as people are always on the go and looking for convenient and delicious food options.

As a leading mobile food cart manufacturer in California, SD Food Truck Builders understands the evolving needs of the food industry. We see the rising demand for food carts in California, which has become a new business trend. From bustling cities to beach towns, food carts are becoming integral to the state’s vibrant culinary landscape.

SD Food Truck Builders, we specialize in designing and building custom food carts and food trucks for businesses in California. Whether you’re looking for a food cart or a food truck builder in California, we are your one-stop solution. Our custom-made food carts blend innovation, quality, and affordability, aligning perfectly with your unique business needs.

We understand the unique needs of mobile food businesses in California and collaborate with them to develop customized solutions that befit all requirements.

Mobile Food Carts – A Canvas for Your Culinary Creativity

Food carts and food trucks offer diverse business opportunities. Food carts, being smaller and more mobile, allow you to navigate crowded city streets or park at local farmers’ markets with ease.

We offer various food carts, each catering to different business needs. From hot dog and ice cream carts to full-service coffee carts, there’s a food cart for every cuisine and service. Our food carts are easily customizable, enabling you to create a unique brand identity.

Types of Food Carts & Food Trucks Available

Many food carts and trucks are Some of the most popular types of food carts and food trucks include:

  • Food kiosks
  • Push carts
  • Concession trailers
  • Coffee carts
  • Ice cream trucks
  • BBQ trailers
  • Pizza trucks

We offer door-to-door delivery to our customers. Customers save time and money because they do not need to travel to pick up their new cart. The food cart is usually delivered at the back of a freight transport trailer.

We go out of our way to ensure that the food cart, equipment, and other content are properly packaged and bubble wrapped to prevent damage during transportation.

Key Influencers for Custom Mobile Carts

There are several key influencers to consider when designing a custom mobile cart. These include:

  • Menu – Your menu will determine the size and layout of your cart and the equipment you’ll need.
  • Location – Your location will determine the size and type of cart you’ll need and the required permits and licenses.
  • Branding – Your branding will determine the design and aesthetics of your cart and the marketing and advertising strategies you’ll use.

Food Cart Designs: What's Trending?

When it comes to food cart designs, several trends are currently popular. These include:

  • Rustic and vintage designs
  • Minimalist and modern designs
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable designs
  • Multi-functional and versatile designs

Coffee Carts – Brewing Success with SD Food Truck Builders

As your reliable food cart manufacturers, we understand the increasing demand for coffee carts. We provide customizable coffee carts, considering essential features like storage space, water supply, electrical outlets, and aesthetics.

You can brew the perfect cup and customer experience with our coffee carts.

As your trusted food cart manufacturers, we help you at every step. Our experts advise on the best cart type and design for your business, guide you on operational aspects, and provide ongoing support to ensure you succeed in your mobile restaurant venture.

What is a Push Food Cart?

A push food cart is a type of food cart that the operator manually pushes. Push carts are typically smaller and more affordable than motorized carts, making them a popular choice for entrepreneurs on a budget.

Push carts are also more versatile than motorized carts, as they can be easily moved and set up in various locations.

Trending Food Cart Designs & Push Food Carts

Our food carts not only serve a functional purpose but also reflect the latest trends in design. Whether it’s minimalist, rustic, or brightly colored food carts, we create designs that draw crowds and generate buzz.

Push food carts are a popular choice among many of our clients. Easy to operate and manage, push food carts are ideal for selling coffee, ice cream, and pastries. They can be conveniently located in parks, near office buildings, or at special events.

We strive to keep our customers well-informed and prepared for what to anticipate upon delivery. In certain situations, a forklift may be required for unloading. Nevertheless, to ensure our customers’ ease, we present the choice of managing the food carts and unloading ourselves. We can organize and levy a fee for this service.

As such, our customers can rest assured, knowing they’ll receive comprehensive instructions, have all necessary preparations arranged beforehand, and be provided with a shipping solution that best suits their specific requirements?

Get The Prolific Experience of Buying Food Carts for Sale!

We’re committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience at SD Food Truck Builders. So we work with:

  • Listening to our client’s needs and goals
  • Offering competitive pricing and financing options
  • Providing customized solutions that meet their needs and budget
  • Using high-quality materials and equipment in our designs
  • Providing ongoing support and guidance to help our clients run their mobile restaurants successfully
What Do we offer?
  • Custom Trailers – We design and build your custom truck trailer or cart to your specifications.
  • Custom Carts – We will help you obtain your city business license and health permit. We’re here to assist you.
Why Choose SD Food Truck Builders?
  • All-In-One Solution

From the manufacturing phase to delivery to your door, our experts work tirelessly to ensure that our customers are cared for.

The customer-centric approach has enabled us to meet the precise needs of our valued customers in the most efficient way possible. We assure you that the premium quality of the offered range is never compromised because we are a quality-conscious and reputed name.

  • Affordable

Our all-inclusive pricing is as straightforward as it sounds. There are no additional fees, loading charges, or other hidden costs. Pricing that is not prohibitively expensive.

  • On-Time Delivery

Your time is valuable. As a client, we treat your business as our own, consistently providing timely delivery on each food cart.

For our customers, quality is guaranteed! A one-year limited warranty covers the cart and all kitchen appliances included with each unit sold.

  • Customization

None of our standard models meet your requirements. No problem; contact us, and we’ll customize each unit to your specifications and needs.

What You Can Expect From Our Food Carts & Trailers:

Our food carts are:

  • Easy to clean and maintain for more than two decades
  • 5-year cracking and splitting warranty
  • Optional technology that maintains temperature throughout the serving period
  • Various models and sizes are available.
  • Molded fiberglass and stainless steel are more durable than plastic or laminated units.
  • Easy to clean and maintain for over 20 years
  • Optional technology that maintains temperature throughout the serving period

Various models and sizes are available.


A: The cost of a food cart varies depending on the size, design, and equipment. SD Food Truck Builders, we offer competitive pricing and financing options to make our services accessible to businesses of all sizes and budgets.

A: The time it takes to build a food cart depends on the size and complexity of the design. SD Food Truck Builders, we work with our clients to create a timeline that meets their specific needs and deadlines.

A: We offer maintenance and repair services to keep our clients’ carts and trucks running smoothly.

A food cart can provide several benefits for your business. Firstly, they are less expensive to purchase and operate than a food truck, making them an excellent choice for startups or small businesses.

They also require fewer permits and less maintenance than food trucks, making them a more manageable option for many business owners.

We offer various food carts at SD Food Truck Builders, from hot dogs and ice cream to full-service coffee carts. Each of our carts is customizable, allowing you to create a unique cart that suits your business needs and reflects your brand identity.

SD Food Truck Builders is committed to providing quality, affordability, and innovation. Our experts work closely with you at every stage, from selecting the right cart type for your business to final construction.

We believe in building partnerships with our clients and providing ongoing support to ensure the success of your mobile food business. Our reputation as a trusted food cart manufacturer in California is built on our dedication to customer satisfaction and our passion for the food industry.

Ready to Sizzle Up Your Food Business?
SD Food Truck Builders, California’s renowned food cart manufacturer, is here to help. Let’s work together to design the ideal food cart for your business. Contact us today and let your mobile food business flourish.